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Long-term care—what are your options?

  No one wants to think about the fact that they may become unable to care for themselves someday, but the truth is that more than 50%1 of people 65 or older are estimated to need long-term or nursing care at some point. Costs for long-term care vary by state. The average cost2 of a semi-private room in a nursing care facility was more than $7,000 per month in 2017; in Florida it’s closer to $8,000. Nursing home care for just two years could be upwards of $190,000. Multiply that out by realistic longevity projections.3 If you have already reached
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2/5/2018 Riding The Rockies Trading Update

No doubt, the “talking heads” on the financial news channels are scaring the hell out of most individual investors by today’s very volatile market action. Let’s talk about what happened today and what we see looking ahead. Most of today’s market action this afternoon was caused by ETF trading. Typically shares from ETF’s trade in blocks in the early/midafternoon and that’s precisely what happened today at about 2:30. Sell orders from nervous investors were aggregated and dumped on the market, resulting in a large “whooshing” sound when few buyers could be found to buy their shares resulting in much lower
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2/2/2018 Riding The Rockies Trading Update

As those of you who are “long-time” friends and clients know, I began writing “Riding the Rockies” in 2009, at the height of the Great Recession. The title comes from my love of road cycling above 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains and the analogy to the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets. Over the past 12 months, with our transition off the platform of our old provider and with the steep learning curve associated with the several new technological tools we are using to provide better client service, I got away from writing this blog. I
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