Asset Management


The job of any asset manager is to manage assets with a goal of making money.

client-flowPerformance relative to indices or benchmarks sounds nice, but the bottom line is simple and more important: “Is Your Asset Manager Making You Money?” Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management subscribes to the philosophy that the capital markets provide reward for risk. As we get older, our ability to take on “risk” becomes less important than ensuring our assets are secure for our retirement.

A portfolio manager’s objectives are to add “Alpha” to a portfolio, that is, to generate returns above a benchmark. A portfolio manager’s objective is to do that with less volatility than the benchmark, or with less Beta. Lastly, the “Holy Grail” of portfolio management is the addition of “Gamma,” or to both reduce risk or portfolio volatility and to increase portfolio returns. As a result, we include asset classes like principal protected annuities and insurance, real estate, Master Limited Partners “MLPs”, and liquid alternatives as part of our portfolios to increase portfolio Gamma.

Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management uses a dynamic tactical asset allocation process in the management of our portfolios. We cannot sit idly by as client portfolios get whipsawed by macroeconomic, geopolitical, or spurious market events. While we are devotees of Modern Portfolio Theory, we understand that market volatility dictates prudent portfolio rebalancing of asset classes to take advantage of market imbalances.

The Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management process begins with an assessment of the client’s need for cash flow and growth, based upon their unique objectives. We then implement an asset allocation predicated upon the client’s needs and our desire to achieve those goals with less risk than the client is willing to take. We implement our portfolios using strategic relationships with independent research analysts and with product sponsors who have been carefully vetted and are monitored over time. We monitor our portfolio performance on a regular basis and are willing to make changes as market conditions dictate.

Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management’s compensation is aligned with our clients’ interests in growing their asset management account values.  Unlike a broker who is paid for the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds, accounts managed by ABG Wealth, pursuant to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, require us to exercise a fiduciary duty to our clients.  In these accounts our compensation is based solely upon providing investment advice and is directly linked to the account’s value, putting us on the same side of the table as our clients. Our objectives are the same: to grow your account values within the parameters established by you.

Your success is our success… that simple.

Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management’s clients receive world-class asset management services with a highly personalized touch. Portfolios are structured with a global view, recognizing that the markets today are reflective of faster news and data flows, resulting in increased volatility. Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management has partnered with industry leaders in both research and portfolio construction to provide highly efficient, low cost portfolio alternatives to our clients, seeking to generate “bottom line” performance.