Cryptocurrency Advice

Have you ever heard the term, “jump the shark”?


It refers to an infamous episode of Happy Days where The Fonz has to jump a shark while water skiing…all while still wearing his trademark leather jacket.


This was seen as a desperate attempt by Happy Days to bring some life back to the show.


However, it spelled the end for the show instead.


Now when you hear the term, “jumped the shark”, it usually refers to something being overdone or going too far.


That may be where we are with cryptocurrency advice.


You may be getting recommendations from your barber and local delivery guy about which cryptocurrencies to purchase and why.


And this can result in you feeling like you may be missing out while everyone else cashes in.


Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is still quite volatile, is not backed by anything, and takes the occasional dip when Elon Musk sends a tweet.


While cryptocurrency may eventually have a long term track record, you must decide if that kind of investment currently belongs as part of your long-term financial portfolio.


Before making any changes to your investments, you may want to consult with your financial advisor to make sure a move is right for you.


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