Listen to Curt Lyman’s Latest Podcast Appearance

PODCAST: “Money and Politics” July 13, 2019









Here are some of the points made by Curt Lyman on the show:


  • The stock market is hot.
  • The economy is good.
  • Building and construction is occurring all over the nation.
  • Housing inventory is low/in short supply.
  • The sense of consumer confidence is driving this economy to new heights.
  • Taxes are driving behavior—the Trump Administration implemented tax changes for people who are willing to take risks and invest.
  • In terms of interest rates and the Fed, there is pressure from president to reduce rates because he wants to keep this economy up. Yes, there is a small concern on the back end. There is inflation out there, but the president wants the economy to be cranking; he is very vocal about this.
  • If you look at defense spending it’s up, and corporations in that sector have more profits.
  • We were in a death spiral. This administration is doing a lot to turn things around.


Listen here: