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How to Make “For Better or Worse” Better in Retirement

At Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management, we’ve worked with hundreds of couples in our 30+ years serving as financial advisors. And one thing we’ve noticed is that some husbands and wives appear to enjoy their retirements more, seem happier overall, and demonstrate poise in handling life’s unexpected events and transitions. How do they do it? Here are our tips based on direct experience. Both of You Need to Get and Stay Involved When It Comes to Your Money Although one spouse usually ends up taking on the lion’s share of the load when it comes to paying bills and/or managing
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What To Do During Times of Market Uncertainty

By Curt Lyman At Alpha Beta Gamma Wealth Management, we have been helping clients for decades, and we’ve worked through Black Monday, the dot com bubble, the housing market crash of 2008, as well as many other times in recent history when markets went sideways. That’s why our approach is always to hedge against the many financial risks you face as you get closer to retirement or are already retired, including market risk. In addition to managing wealth in a way that helps us move your money to safer accounts in challenging economic times, we also have specific strategies we
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