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Family Life Events: When to Call Alpha Beta Gamma

Here are some life milestones and events that mark when you should call us to get financial advice and help. A marriage. Whether it’s you, or your children or grandchildren getting married, when two people join together in holy matrimony they’re also going to need to bring their finances together, for better or worse. And if there are children from a previous marriage involved, it’s doubly important to meet with a financial advisor to get the relationship off on strong financial footing. A comprehensive financial plan—which includes mutual goals, time horizon to retirement, and desires for wealth transfer to family
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7/31/2018 Riding the Rockies Trading Update

Clients who have been with us for many years know that this blog ‘Riding the Rockies’ began back in 2010 when I began spending some time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains cycling.  That time spent in the saddle of a skinny Italian bicycle has historically provided me with the solitude that’s sometime required to find balance and to ensure that all systems are functioning at full capacity, whether climbing Independence Pass or ripping down the long sweepers on Tennessee Pass at eye-watering speeds. My hope, in writing this blog, is to provide a sense of perspective when it seems like
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