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Q4 2017 Commentary

2017 was a strong year for stocks with the S&P 500 up almost 19%, as stock valuations broadened out.  We had been overweight stocks going into 2017 and remained overweight through the year.  Bonds, however, returned only nominal returns, based predominantly on yield, as the Fed increased the Fed Funds Rate 3 times in the year.  Bond yields traded in a tight range. As we look forward to 2018 we believe that the stock and bond markets continue to enjoy good liquidity.  Sentiment is strong at this writing, but we are aware that there might be a drawdown at any
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5 Things to Know About the New Tax Law for 2018

1. Home equity loan interest is no longer deductible. Since you cannot deduct interest on home equity loans or lines of credit from your income taxes anymore starting in 2018, it may make sense to pay these off depending on your situation. Mortgage interest deductions on home loans going forward can still be deducted, but are reduced to interest for the first $750,000 on new home loans (down from $1 million.) 2. Property tax deductions are limited. The new law caps deductions for property taxes and state and local income taxes to a total of $10,000 per year starting in
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